Your Skin VS Coronavirus Face Mask: The Effects, Solutions, Tips and Tricks

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When leaving the house, I do the usual checks while tapping each pocket: 

Purse – check! 

Car keys – check! 

Cell phone – check! 

But now, as my family heads out, we often find one of us heading back to the front door, in a sigh-flooded bubble, having forgotten the latest essential..  “your face mask”!

I’m sure you’ve been there too, right?  This new world has brought us a new piece of travel kit. Something in which we must carry with us religiously. 

It’s totally understandable. If there is a slim chance that my face mask can keep myself and others coronavirus free, then I’m all for it. 

But, let’s face it – coronavirus masks are not comfortable. In fact, I often find myself rushing around a store, just so I can minimize the time I’m wearing the face mask. 

It’s hot, sweaty, and a breeding ground for skin breakouts. 

So, how is your coronavirus face mask affecting your skin? And more importantly, how can you keep your skin fresh and breakout-free?

Let me don my mask and I’ll tell you…

Don’t Wear Makeup Under Your Mask


We are used to adding makeup when going out, so it might still be part of your routine – even if you have to wear a mask. But, if you can, I recommend avoiding as much as possible. 

With the hot temperature your face mask brings, it will lead to makeup more likely clogging your pores – and we all know what happens then; a breakout. 

Avoid wearing foundations and concealers if you’re going to have your face mask on for the majority of the time. 

If you feel completely naked without makeup, then focus on just adding some at eye-level. This way, you will still feel confident and the skin under your mask can breathe better.

Opt For A Breathable Cotton Face Cover


If you’re still using the single-use surgical mask, then it’s time to opt for something more breathable and efficient. 

It doesn’t seem like the face mask saga is going away anytime soon, so purchasing a cotton face cover is definitely recommended. The cotton face mask will help your skin breathe much easier, as well as avoid irritations and rashes. 

You can find them online with a simple “cotton face mask” search on Google or Amazon. There are hundreds of varieties too – which allows you to add some personality.

The Key: Moisturize Before and After


The main reason for compromised skin under your face mask is a lack of hydration and oxygen.  You need to ensure your skin stays hydrated with moisturizer – even if you have oily skin. 

Moisturizer will also help to build a barrier between your skin and the mask, thus keeping any breakouts at bay. 

Something that is also needed is oxygen.  Glycoproteins in Pari Water help boost oxygen levels, and Sodium Hyaluronate is stellar for adding and maintaining much needed hydration. 

Myself and many of my clients are choosing to use Pari Water before and after using their face mask to keep their skin healthy. 

If you’re looking to avoid any breakouts and skin irritations, then Pari Water is definitely an essential kit item, too!

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