What Niacinamide Can Do For Your Skin?

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Niacinamide, also known as nicotinamide, is a stable form of vitamin B. Niacinamide has a plethora of benefits when it comes to skin-related problems and care.

The Benefits of Using Niacinamide

Here are some of the best individual benefits of Vitamin B3 when applied topically:

Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Niacinamide is most famous for treating hyperpigmentation as it directly works on dark spots. The addition of niacinamide into your skincare routine can be helpful in evening out skin tone.

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Protects Skin from Sun Damage and Free Radicals

Niacinamide protects your skin from damaging exposure to ultraviolet rays. It also simultaneously restores the health of skin cells. It not only combats sun damage by strengthening the skin barrier but also combats the free radicals in the environment that harm your skin in different ways. 

Helps in Fading Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Niacinamide is a very strong antioxidant agent to fight premature aging signs. It boosts the creation of collagen, a protein to keep the skin cells firm and young. It also improves the skin turnover to get rid of dead skin cells and to bring out new and healthy skin cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Minimize the Appearance of the Pores

Niacinamide has the magic ability to reduce the size of enlarged pores over time. Everyday use of this vitamin minimizes pore size, making your skin more spotless and smooth.

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Regulates Oil Production

To keep your skin supple, oil-free, and well-hydrated, niacinamide is the right choice, as it helps in regulating the production of sebaceous glands. It keeps the oil-producing glands in balance. 

Treats Acne

Whether acne, or clogged pores, niacinamide can help ease these issues with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Improves the Moisture Retention Capacity

Niacinamide controls the transepidermal (the top layer of your skin) water loss and concurrently, boosts the ability of skin cells to lock the moisture well inside them. 


What is the Best Way to Use Niacinamide?

To get the most out of this incredible ingredient, use it topically in the form of a lotion, serum, or cream — any form that will stay on your skin for a long time, unlike cleanser or scrub. It’s lightweight and is easily absorbed by your skin. Typically, you can use it any time of the day. It’s good to go slowly to see how your skin reacts and, with time, increase the quantity.

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