Transformation: The Trend Toward Authenticity in Self, Work, Business, and the World.

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Authenticity in a business is what makes it inspiring, whether you are the business owner, an employee, or a customer.  

Pari Permanent Cosmetics is rebranding to BATHUS for this specific reason. I want to be more aligned with my products, services, message, and brand.  In this digital age, we’ve become savvier than ever, and marketing preconceptions are changing on a massive scale. With the ability to simply show how products or services are being used in real life situations, the trend towards authenticity in self, work, business, and the world has grown exponentially.  Yet we can sense whether or not these ‘real life’ situations are authentic.  So the transformation continues.  

Are you working on transforming yourself? 

It Starts With Learning How to be More Authentic.

The benefit of authenticity is that it gives you and what you stand for a form of substance. With authenticity, you enable the people around you to relate to whatever point you are trying to get across and help them understand how what you are offering is beneficial.  Learning how to be more authentic is simpler than you think. 

  • Remember why you are doing what you’re doing, and share this passion with others.
  • Use your natural inclination to be empathetic and intuitive, and be purposeful in your approach to projects and people.
  • Remain true to yourself, your work, and others, not overpromoting or forcing things, just providing truthful information about what you find beneficial and letting others draw their own conclusions. 
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Being Consistent

Mixed messages are confusing, and lead to suspicion and mistrust. If you are consistent with your message, whether online, or in personal communication, you present an authentic image and connection with people.  Your fundamental message (your why) should be true to your authentic self and should be what you consistently broadcast to the world. 


Proving It

At the end of the day,  authenticity is about being transparent, saying what you mean, and meaning what you say.  Avoid making claims you can’t follow through with or giving uncertain information. Give as much evidence as possible, whenever you can, and prove authenticity by being open, even about not knowing.

Before You Go

As I rebrand Pari Permanent Cosmetics to BATHUS, it is my intention to grow in authenticity and inspire others to move closer to their authenticity.  I hope you look forward to an amazing transformative future!

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