Self Care 101: The Essential List For Building A Better You

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With our economy in disarray and our first true experience of a pandemic, it’s safe to say that there is plenty of anxiety and rundown feelings going around.

We are being kept indoors more than usual, our healthcare system is under huge stress and we aren’t seeing a light anytime soon.

All this being said, now is arguably the most important time, within our generation, to practice self care.

I say self care – but the tips below also play a vital role in helping your loved ones too!

So, for the next 5 minutes – switch off from the outside world and let’s pay some attention to YOU.

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Stop and Listen to yourself.

One of the most important steps to take, when it comes to self care, is actually listening to yourself. We’ve all been there – where we sometimes say yes to something, which we don’t truly want to do, but hey – it will make the other person happy.

Well, practice minimizing this. If you want to skip that party, go ahead and skip it. Focusing on your values and what makes you happy is the epitome of self care.

I recommend spending some time alone each week to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself what you enjoy, what makes you feel happier and how you can do more of that. Even ask yourself ​who​ makes you happy.

It’s your purpose that matters.


Ask people how they are

Now is more important than ever to ask people how they are and actually pay attention to the answer. And yes, you may be thinking “this isn’t self care”, but it actually is.

Why? Because it opens you up into a conversation of discussing your feelings. Both yours and the other persons.

We can all feel a bit closed off right now. So, having a sincere conversation with somebody about their feelings is a great way to open up together.

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Your body is a temple, remember!

Ok, confession time. The lockdown has definitely had me indulging in the naughty foods more often than usual.

It’s inevitable, right? Working from home and/or not being able to freely spend time with others – of course I’m going to reach for the carbs!

But, now is the time to curb those boredom indulgences. It’s time to grab this pandemic situation by the horns and make the best of it! And that means focusing on your body.

Eating clean is a must, as well as drinking plenty of water, but also look at your skin.

If you feel like your skincare routine has taken a back seat, then bring it back to the front and let’s get you glowing again. This will play a huge role mentally too.


Pari Water And Self Care

Leading on from our last tip, I’ve been receiving amazing feedback from how Pari Water has helped bring back that glowing skin! It’s the perfect sidekick for your self care skin routine.

Here is the link to Pari Water and how it can benefit you during these somewhat different times: See Pari Water Benefits Here

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